IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service Without Salon Prices! 617-480-8699
IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service Without Salon Prices!617-480-8699

See what People are Saying about our Lice Removal Services on Boston's North Shore

Here's what some of our mothers and fathers have to say:

"My daughter was headed to sleep away summer camp in Maine last year for the first time so I decided to have her checked for lice before she left, just to be sure. I was not particularly worried but lice had been going around her school so I thought it would be a good idea. Thank goodness I did! Maureen identified the lice and was able to treat her on the spot. I can't imagine my daughter's anxiety if she had arrived to camp and found out, all alone, that she had lice. The treatment was so quick and easy, I would recommend everyone to Maureen. I will definitley be doing the pre-check with Nit Hero every summer!"

Swampscott Family of Five



"In the middle of a recent blizzard I noticed my kids scratching their heads while snuggled up with me on the couch. I was bummed that the dandruff shampoo I was using on them didn't seem to be working. Then I saw the bug and realized dry scalp was not the cause of their itching. I hesitated to call for help since I had heard stories from friends about paying a lot of money for lice removal services at a nearby salon. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out I called Nit Hero 911. She arrived quickly, even during the storm, and got to work. She calmed me down and was so great with my children - I couldn't believe how good they were for her. A short time later we were all lice and nit free and the total price was no where near what I had feared. It was well worth money I have ever spent! I can't recommend Maureen enough. Don't try and do this alone when you can have Maureen as your Nit Hero!"

Salem Family of Four



"Maureen came expertly and calmly into an anxious situation and made us all feel at ease. She was prepared and armed us with information and knowledge to help us have control over a frustrating situation."

Marblehead Family of Five



“I thought I could handle the situation. Armed with chemical treatments and information from the internet, I spent many unsuccessful days trying to rid my family of lice. After all my efforts I was stressed, my kids were cranky and fidgety and I was still back at square one. I decided to call Nit Hero 911 for some help. After one visit my children and I were lice free and I was finally able to get back to our regular busy routine. It was easy to follow my step by step homework. I wish I had called Nit Hero 911 from the start, I would have saved a lot of stress and frustration. Thank you Nit Hero!”

Marblehead Family of Six



“If you at all suspect or hear that your child is complaining of an itchy scalp, two words of advice: "Call Maureen" ok three words, "Call Maureen NOW". Maureen was simply amazing with our children.  She was incredibly professional, thorough, kind and knowledgeable during this very stressful time.  She made what could have been a very traumatic time so much more manageable. She is such a pleasant person and both our children loved her. As a parent, she knows kids and how to best relate to them which immediately put our children at ease. I have recommended her to many and will continue to do so."

Marblehead Family of Four

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Back To School

The Fall is a busy time for lice. As kids go back to school they bring school supplies, new backbacks, fresh pencils and unfortunetley, often lice. They pick it up from camps, visits with cousins or just regular summer playdates. Make sure your child wears her hair up and pulled back for the first few months of the year.  Symptoms include an itchy head and white/beige nits that resemble dandruff. Give us a call for a quick and thorough headcheck or a guaranteed lice removal treatment if you suspect they have lice. 

For more info click here: Back to School

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