IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service Without Salon Prices! 617-480-8699
IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day ServiceWithout Salon Prices! 617-480-8699



We thoroughly screen the scalp and hair for any sign of lice or nits. We highly recommend all household members be examined. In most cases, if one family member has lice, others in the household do too.



Nit Hero will manually remove all lice and nits without chemicals. Research has proven that manually removing all lice and nits (eggs) with effective combing techniques is the surest way to achieve successful lice removal.


In the Meantime

Don’t panic, don’t boil the house and don’t call the exterminators. Nit Hero will guide you through the process of taking care of your home so that you will know what needs to be done without needless extra household chores. The CDC says, "Head lice do not survive long if they fall off a person and cannot feed. You don't need to spend a lot of time or money on household activities."


Follow-up Homework

Lice is most often transferred from head-to-head contact and usually within one's own circle of friends. To prevent re-infestation I will leave you with a professional comb and instructions for a 10 minute follow-up/preventative comb out.


In Home Head Check

$20.00 per person ~ fee is waived if treatment is needed


In Home Lice Removal Treatment

$100.00 per hour (average treatment time is 1.5 hrs for females and 30-45 minutes for males depending on hair length and thickness)


We guarantee our work.


In Case of a Lice Emergency 617-480-8699

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What's New

Summer is in the air! FINALLY! 

With your kids excited to go to camp this summer, the worst case scenario would be to show up to the routine lice check on the first day and realize your child has lice. We can help avoid this situation! Give us a call for a quick and thorough headcheck BEFORE you head to camp.

For more info click here: Summer Camp

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