IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service Without Salon Prices! 617-480-8699
IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service Without Salon Prices!617-480-8699

Summer Camp

Overnight Camp

A study from University of Michigan showed that over a 3 year period, over 500 camps reported cases of lice, as well as 69% of camp leaders stated that lice was a significant cahllenge faced by their camps. Most sleepaway camps perform quick lice headchecks during camp check-in, this is not the time you want to discover your child has lice. Camps have varying policies, including zero tolerance policies were your child will be sent home if it is found, or policies in which your child will be subjected to long treatment process that can ruin the camp experience. Reduce the stress and anxiety of this process by getting checked and cleared before going to camp! We can thoroughly check your camper's hair, and if needed treat any lice in just one visit. Don't get stuck in a stressful situation, let NitHero save the day!


Checklist to avoid lice:

1. Get a lice headcheck before you leave, know before you go!

2. Try to avoid head-to-head contact

3. Encourage wearing hair in ponytails, braids and buns

4. Do not share hats or brushes

5. Get a headcheck at the end of the summer!

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