IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service Without Salon Prices! 617-480-8699
IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service Without Salon Prices!617-480-8699

Facts Of Lice and How it is Spread on Boston's North Shore 

  • Head lice are tiny, wingless insects that live on the human scalp.
  • Head lice cannot hop, jump or fly…they can ONLY crawl…fast.
  • Head lice are primarily spread from head to head contact.
  • Nits (lice eggs) are laid in the hair shaft and attach themselves securely to the hair at an angle.
  • Nits are tiny, sesame seed shaped eggs that usually appear white in color. Lice are the live bugs and are difficult to spot on most heads.
  • Pets do not get or transmit head lice.
  • Lice can survive for a maximum of 24 hours off the scalp.
  • Chemicals are not required to remove lice and nit infestations. In fact, several recent studies report increasing resistance to commonly used pesticide treatment products. 
  • If all lice and nits are not removed from the head it is likely that your child will become re-infested.

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Back To School

The Fall is a busy time for lice. As kids go back to school they bring school supplies, new backbacks, fresh pencils and unfortunetley, often lice. They pick it up from camps, visits with cousins or just regular summer playdates. Make sure your child wears her hair up and pulled back for the first few months of the year.  Symptoms include an itchy head and white/beige nits that resemble dandruff. Give us a call for a quick and thorough headcheck or a guaranteed lice removal treatment if you suspect they have lice. 

For more info click here: Back to School

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