IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service! 617-480-8699
IN-HOME LICE TREATMENT Guaranteed Removal & Same Day Service! 617-480-8699

About the Nit Hero

Founder, Maureen Kay, is a mother of 4 who has experienced head lice with her own children. From this experience she started a company 4 years ago that takes care of the problem quickly and efficiently, but also takes care of the parent whose life has been turned upside down. Her training and years of experience successfully treating countless families all over Massachusetts provides the inspiration and motivation to continue helping others conquer these pests. Maureen lives in Marblehead, on Boston's North Shore, with her husband and four children.


Maureen Kay

Phone: +1 617 4808699




Moira Kay, is a Boston College nursing student who has been working alongside her mom, Maureen, for almost two years. With a sharp eye and a calming personality, Moira puts every child at ease throughout the treatment. 


Moira Kay

Phone: +1 781 366 3050



In Case of a Lice Emergency 617-480-8699

Nit Hero 911

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What's New

Summer camp is a right of passage, and although lice checks often happen at the beginning of a session, we often see an uptick of cases when summer comes to a close. 

It is a good idea to get a head check done prior to the start of school.

Not sure exactly what to look for? call for an end-of-summer appointment! 

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